What is GETHR?

Gethr is a free smartphone app available for iOS and Android. It uses real-time GPS to locate and bring two or more mobile devices together. It is specially designed and developed for those typical (music) festival moments where you seem to have lost all your friends (“Where are you?” “I’m at the left bar at main stage!” “I have my arm up right now!” “I’m wearing a blue shirt!”).

Why should I use GETHR?

Because you don’t have to contact the friend you’re looking for to find him/her. You just follow the compass until you are reunited! You can also share your location with a friend who arrives later to your get toGETHR 😉

Why the name “GETHR”?

A creative mix between together and gather (*padum tsss*).

Who can use GETHR?

Anyone who owns a smartphone that runs iOS 9+ or Android 4.0.3+.

Can I use GETHR everywhere?

You can use GETHR anywhere, as long as you are outside with a GPS connection.

Does GETHR allow me to locate my friends back home?

For privacy reasons, GETHR allows you to locate and find your friends within a 3 mile (or 5 kilometer) radius. If you experience a setting where a higher margin is desirable, please shoot us an email at support@gethrapp.com

Is GETHR safe?

Your privacy is our highest priority, so only you reveal your location. GETHR allows you to be traceable for as long as you wish; you decide whether your friends are still able to find you or not.

Will GETHR function properly on battery saving mode?

We advise you to not make use of your battery saving mode when using GETHR as this may influence the accuracy of your location.

GETHR is not working properly. What now?

Try logging out and closing the app for a second. Log back in and try again. (“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”) If that doesn’t work, shoot us an email at support@gethrapp.com and we’ll get back to you asap!

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